FAQs about Dental Fillings
January 28, 2016
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What Do I Need to Know about Dental Fillings?

Common questions and answers about dental fillings


Dentistry has changed a lot in the last decade. There are so many new materials and techniques it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. The dental experts at Exner Dental Care in Waukesha, Wisconsin are here to help you find out the truth about dental fillings. Here are some common questions and answers about dental fillings:

What types of fillings are there?

Amalgam (silver) is probably the most common filling material, typically reserved for your back teeth because it is strong. Gold restorations are also strong and visible, so they are also typically placed on back teeth. Composite is a tooth-colored resin material; it's very beautiful, and it can be color-matched to your teeth. Because it is such a great cosmetic choice, it is an excellent material for your front teeth but it can also be placed on any tooth. Porcelain fillings are also color-matched to your existing teeth and are a great cosmetic choice. They can be placed on any tooth. Fillings of glass ionomer are also tooth-colored and are sometimes placed along the gumline where they won’t be subjected to biting forces.

How much do fillings cost?

Cost will depend on the material and number of surfaces of the tooth involved. Amalgam and glass ionomer fillings are typically the cheapest and the most expensive are porcelain and gold restorations because both of these restorations need to be custom-made in a dental laboratory.

What is treatment like?

For all fillings, your tooth needs to be prepared by the dentist. Typically your dentist will create a space to receive the filling. In the case of amalgam, composite and glass ionomer, your filling will be placed immediately after the tooth is prepared. These fillings usually can be done in one visit. If you choose either gold or porcelain, after your tooth is prepared, an impression or mold is taken and sent to a dental lab. The highly skilled lab technician makes a custom restoration and it will be placed at a later appointment. Gold and porcelain fillings usually take two appointments.

You owe it to yourself to investigate which dental filling option is best for you, and your dentist at Exner Dental Care in Waukesha, Wisconsin is here to help you make the right decision. Find out about the new modern world of dental fillings and call today!